Hello! My name is

Pawel Golonko

and I’m a web developer.

About me

Web developer with 20 years’ experience in creating a wide variety of web solutions, from small business websites to complex e-commerce platforms and enterprise applications used by specialists around the world. Familiar with all phases of the software development lifecycle. Finds Zen in the aesthetic code.

Geek in love with coding, sound, and visuals, preferably at the same time.



  • February 2024 – present


    Principal Frontend Engineer

    Developing a Charge Point Management System and a mobile application to facilitate the management and operation of EV chargers.

    Angular Ionic Cordova Typescript NgRx NX Vercel Bitbucket OCPP

  • November 2022 – January 2024


    Principal Software Engineer

    Lead the development of the Design System and Data Visualization libraries used in Aize applications.

    • Crafted a unified and consistent user experience across products by creating and refining design patterns, components, and guidelines.
    • Collaborated with cross-functional teams, including designers, developers, and product managers, to ensure efficient and cohesive development processes.
    • Contributed to enhancing the quality and usability of Aize products.
    • Created a script
    • Mentored and guided fellow engineers, cultivating a culture of collaboration.

    Angular Typescript D3 Node NX Storybook ZeroHeight GitLab Figma

  • May 2019 – October 2022

    Circle K Business Centre / Madiff

    Senior Front-end Developer

    Built a scalable system enabling the execution of Angular pages with content served by a decoupled Drupal using the JSON:API protocol.

    • Designed and implemented a solution that allowed for the creation of customized landing pages in the Drupal CMS and dynamically rendered them in an Angular application.
    • Developed an e-commerce module integrated with internal and external services such as Salesforce, Adyen, or Klarna.
    • Optimized the application for better performance and accessibility.
    • Collaborated with business and team members to provide the most valuable product.
    • Worked together with UI/UX designers on the implementation of the design system.
    • Improved the branching and release workflows.

    Angular Typescript NX NestJS SSR JSONAPI

  • July 2018 – May 2019

    ITDS Business Consultants

    Front-end Developer

    Developing applications and tools for banking company clients (i.e. Credit Suisse), such as:

    • Credit risk dashboards,
    • A gamified in-house platform for employee engagement.

    AngularJS Angular TypeScript SASS ag-Grid

  • March 2015 – April 2018

    LogZilla Corporation

    Lead UI Architect

    LogZilla is the leader in delivering real-time network insight with an intelligent network operations platform.

    As a Lead UI Architect I was responsible for the entire process of creating the user interface for LogZilla 5.x, during which I:

    • Built an application capable of processing huge volumes of data (up to 1M events per seconds) and rendering the results in real time.
    • Researched and implemented new functionalities.
    • Refined existing UX/UI projects and prototyped new components.
    • Led an international team of developers.
    • Collaborated with the backend developers team to improve communication performance between server and client.
    • Created and maintained an automated build system.

    AngularJS JavaScript LESS Bootstrap ECharts WebSocket NodeJS ClosureCompiler Grunt Bower

  • December 2013 – March 2015


    Senior Full-Stack Developer

    HOQS is a digital agency based in Kraków, Poland.

    • Led and managed web and interactive projects for the company’s clients, including landing pages, cultural events’ websites, social games integrated with Facebook, custom e-learning platforms, and many others.
    • Provided support for websites maintained by the company.
    • Built tools for monitoring the activity and health of internal systems.
    • Improved developers’ efficiency through training them in new technologies and modern programming techniques.

    Major clients: Nowe Motywacje, Digart.pl, nazwa.pl, Onet, LexisNexis, evercare.

    PHP Moodle LESS Bootstrap JavaScript AngularJS NodeJS

  • May 2012 – December 2013

    Professional design / CG2

    Back-end Developer

    CG2 is a digital agency based in Opole, Poland.

    • Designed and built a dedicated development platform with a rich content management system focused on stability, optimization, and easy extending.
    • Deployed websites for company clients.

    PHP Kohana MySQL HTML CSS LESS Bootstrap JavaScript jQuery

  • 2007-2014

    Spoko Brand

    Full-Stack Developer

    Spoko Brand is a company with experience in creating and managing specialized online stores with global reach.

    • Created a scalable e-commerce platform running the company’s online shops (Hedonskate, Bladeville, and TwoTip).
    • Design an optimized store database with shared stock inventory.
    • Developed a full-text search system based on Sphinx.
    • Implemented a stock quote SOAP web service and integration with external APIs, e.g. Braintree, UPS, InPost.
    • Improved sites SEO under the guidance of Google experts.
    • Coded a variety of tools for maintaining, extending, and enhancing security.


  • 2004 – December 2017


    Full-Stack Developer

    Major clients:

    • Online shops (Be-Mag, Snapbox, Fandango Records),
    • Music artists (Miuosh, Lilu, Believe, Decybele Dizajnu),
    • Sportsmen (Szczepan Karpiel-Bułecka, Bartek Sibiga, Tomasz Kwiecień),
    • Fashion and graphic designers (The Hive, Aaaghr, From Froggy With Love, Admirable, CustomTop).

    PHP Kohana Wordpress MySQL HTML CSS LESS Bootstrap JavaScript jQuery PayPal PayU WorldPay LastFm PrestaShop

  • July 17th, 1988



Proficient in

  • creating single-page web applications and interactive user interfaces,
  • writing optimal and efficient TypeScript code compatible with current ECMAScript standards,
  • writing semantic HTML and CSS code, compliant with W3C standards,
  • producing clean and readable code using design patterns,
  • solving complex problems,
  • debugging and profiling code with Chrome DevTools,
  • frameworks (Angular), preprocessors (Sass) and other tools (Git, Eslint).

Knowledge of

  • building efficient API services,
  • publishing and maintaining open source projects,
  • prototyping accessible and user-friendly interfaces using WAI-ARIA standards,
  • automating tasks using Bash scripts and POSIX commands.

Additional skills

  • very good communication and interpersonal skills,
  • reliable and focused on providing high-quality product,
  • fast learner and always willing to share knowledge,
  • can exit vim in at least 5 different ways ;).


  • Polish (native),
  • English (fluent),
  • Norwegian (basic).


Master of Science (M.Sc.), Computer Software Engineering

Politechnika Białostocka, 2014

The comparison of the methods of the execution of contact-free interface applying the track of movement in the image from the camera

Implemented algorithms for real-time analysis of images captured by web camera to provide touchless computer interface.

#Java #JavaCV

After Hours

Audiovisual art

Translating sound into image with audio-reactive code and live video mixing.

Music production

Exploring magical world of producing electronic music. You can find me at Spotify.


Exploring the beauty of Norway.

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